Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Enhance the Security of Your House with Secured Entrance System

With the increasing crime rate, the threat to the local citizens is also increasing. We can rely on the government law an authority services for the safety of our loved ones, but that does not mean that you will not take any measure against it. Along with a good security system, an effective automatic entrance system can help you to provide safety to your loved ones.

The system allows you to create a proper entrance code like fingerprints, or a password, allowing only a few to have access to the house. Others will have to ask permission from the inmates of the house to enter. Such system is much safer than the traditional door locks which thieves and goons can easily break using their techniques.

However, the automatic swing doors are controlled with computer operators. If one tries to break into without permission, it will inform the inmate of the house along with the authorities about trespassing. This will surely help in reducing the thefts or unwanted crimes. Elderly living alone away from their families are one of the major targets of the increasing crime rate in the city.

Apart from the security, you can help them by giving them the option of controlling the door through their smart phones or remote controls. This can be quite beneficial for the elderly or ailing people who are unable to move from their beds.

They can check who is at the door through the close circuit camera TV and click the door open or ask them to verify their fingerprints in case it is a known person. This new safety technology is perfect to make their life better.

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