Saturday, 22 February 2014

Control Your Home with Your Smartphone

Your home is the most valuable possession and you wouldn’t compromise with anything when it comes to efficient control and well-being of your house and family. However, it’s not always possible for you to be there in home 24x7 to control things. This is especially true when you have home security systems installed at your home, which requires constant monitoring and control. And what about the electrical systems which you mistakenly left turned on while moving out of your home? It can eventually cause short circuit, putting your home in danger. How to prevent unwanted intrusion while you are away? Thankfully, you can now control your home with your Smartphone. 

Today, a wide range of cutting-edge Smartphone apps are available that offer a wide range of capabilities to control your home from a remote location. You can now manage access controls of your home from wherever you are, allowing permission to enter the home in your absence. This application is also effective when one of your family members forgets the password to lose his/her access card to enter the house. Right from your Smartphone, you can permit them access in a hassle-free manner. If you have installed close circuit security cameras at your home, make sure that you have the app installed on your Smartphone to monitor its functioning and keep an eye on your home even from a remote location.

Left home with the lights on? With advanced home lighting solutions today, you can switch on or off the lights right from your Smartphone. The access control system of the lights and other electrical appliances lie on your hand, helping you prevent disasters. You can also adjust temperature of your room from your Smartphone. Cut down on energy bills by minimizing the room temperature when you aren’t in, or simply adjust the thermostat to your comfort level before arriving at home. The opportunities to control your home with Smartphone are unprecedented!       

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